presidential election results

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 will be a date of historical significance regardless of which candidate you supported in the US Presidential election. Many people shirked the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, saying “it will never happen”. Even supporters of Donald Trump are surprised at his victory.

Given American’s dissatisfaction with their current government, and direction of the country – which has been shown in poll after poll – it really shouldn’t be astounding that a political outsider could come in, win the presidential nomination, and the presidency.

In reality Donald Trump should have been a heavy favorite … but the cards where more than stacked against him.

Please don’t read this article and think that PrepCabin is saying that Donald Trump is the new messiah! I realize that he is a flawed man – like many of us – and does not share every view or value of ours … what we should be celebrating is the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Now Donald Trump has a lot of promises and expectations to live up to. But it’s also about the people which he surrounds himself – his cabinet – among other positions of power that will be Trump’s to assign once he takes office.

What we may look forward to (and what’s been promised) with a Trump presidency:

Reduced Taxes and Tax reform
Recharged Military
Strong Foreign Policy
Reduced Gov’t Debt
Higher GDP
Reaffirmed 2A rights
Voter ID (reform)
Entitlement Reform
Smaller Government
Less Regulation
Repeal Obamacare
Cancel Iran Deal
Re-Negotiate Trade Deals
No Common Core
Educational Reform

Whether you’re happy or … not about the outcome of the election. Remember that we all breathe the same air.