Introducing the PrepCabin Octagon Cabin and Tiny Home Kit!

Over the past couple of years I’ve been building my own cabins, consulting on other’s cabins and studying every cabin and tiny home building method available. There are so many styles and materials to use it can be daunting to pick just one. And there are so many available kits and pre-made cabins on the market that it’s unclear as to which is best.

So now I’m taking all of that research and combining it into a cabin kit that is easy to build and sure to impress! Plus it’s one of the quickest, cost-effective, and efficient building methods available. Now it’s easier than ever to build your own cabin from the PrepCabin DIY cabin kit that has unmatched durability and efficiency. Our kit is also the perfect start for a cozy tiny home.
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When assembled PrepCabin’s Octagon Cabin Kit will provide a floor, 8 walls, and a conical sloped roof, which are pre-insulated and ready for your finish treatment and roofing. The kit also includes all the screws, hardware, lumber, sealant, and wall wrap making the shell complete and ready for finish treatment.

The cabins panels are manufactured with Structural Insulated Panels (also known as SIP), which is likely the most efficient building method on today’s market. Less framing, already insulated and sheathing on exterior and interior.  Just assemble on your foundation of choice.

Why an Octagon?

An octagon shaped cabin is not only visually appealing but it’s functional as well.

Octagonal shaped buildings provide 20% more floor space than a rectangular structure with the same perimeter.

Octagon vs. Square

An octagon shaped cabin will also provide less wind resistance, take advantage of more natural light, and be more energy efficient.

So why don’t more people have octagon shaped cabins or homes?

That’s because most contractors and builders are going to try and talk people out of building in octagonal shapes. No matter the reasons or excuses builders give against octagonal buildings it comes down to one thing: It’s more work to build octagonal … taking more time and decreasing a builder’s profit margin.

But with PrepCabin’s panelized octagonal cabin kit, construction time is significantly decreased – and simplified – even when compared to traditional stick building of a rectangular structure.

What Sizes are Available?

Below are two example cabin kits that can be ordered. Custom sizes and applications are easily accommodated during the manufacturing process. Each kit is manufactured to your specifications. Please contact us directly for those needs.

Option A: 20’ Width Octagonal Cabin Shell Kit Starting at – $17,999 + applicable taxes. Prices may change due to material costs. 

Total square footage for 20’ width is approximately 330 square feet. Only approximately $45 per square foot.

That’s 2,640 cubic feet of inside space!

Option B: 30’ Width Octagonal Cabin Shell Kit Starting at – $27,999 + applicable taxes. Prices may change due to material costs.

Total square footage for 30’ width is approximately 740 square feet. Only approximately $34 per square foot. This is the best deal.

The 30′ cabin provides almost 7,000 cubic feet of interior space!

*All kits are made with 8′ walls. Taller or shorter walls can be manufactured for your kit upon request.

*50% deposit required prior to manufacturing of your PrepCabin Kit. Remaining 50% due upon shipping.

*Shipping and freight are not included in the purchase price and can be quoted separately. Contact us for a shipping quote. The kit is shipped from the San Antonio, TX area and is flat-packed for the most affordable shipping rates.

This kit will provide everything you need to assemble and construct the floor, walls, and roof of your cabin. One support post will be needed to go from the floor to the roof in the middle of the cabin. This is not included in order to save on shipping and excess cost. This leaves you the option to source a really cool post (picture a peeled cedar post as a focal point in your cabin).

A crew of 3-4 guys (you and a few buddies) should be able to assemble this kit in one day, the 30 foot kit in a few days. Or a professional contractor or handyman can easily be hired to assemble your shell.


Here is the exact material list for a 20’ width shell kit:

Artistic Rendering - Composite Shingles , Board and Batten Siding

Artistic Rendering – Composite Shingles , Board and Batten Siding

16 SIP roof panels (R Value 24.3)
8 SIP wall panels (R Value 16)
3 SIP floor panels (R Value 24.3)
64 SIP splines
2 Do-All-Ply sealant dispensers
65 tubes of Do-All-Ply sealant
120 linear feet of 2×6 lumber (plumb cut)
200 linear feet of 2×8 lumber (plumb cut)
136 linear feet of 2×4 lumber (square cut)
312 linear feet of 2×6 lumber (square cut)
4 rolls of SIP tape
160 9” wood screws
165’ roll of wall wrap tape
1 roll of 10’x150’ wall wrap
Octagon Cabin Kit
*Timbor treated SIP panels for mold and termite prevention
*FrameGaurd treatment for dimensional lumber
*30’ Cabin Shell material list available upon request
*Detailed instructions will be included with cabin kit
*Phone and email support for any issues that arrise

When assembled you’ll have the cabin shell in place and ready for your finishing touches. You won’t need any specialized materials to finish it. Just standard construction materials available from any home-improvement or lumber yard. And any normal roofing or siding will work with this kit.

Not Just a Cabin

The PrepCabin Octagon Cabin wasn’t designed to be a normal cabin. It’s engineered and designed with the durability, safety, and requirements of residential and commercial construction. This means the PrepCabin Octagon Cabin Kit is capable of passing any inspections and adhering to the strictest building codes.
The Octagon Cabin Kit is also designed to last as long or longer than most modern homes.

The SIP panels are treated with FRAMEGUARD. A proven safe and effective treatment to eliminate mold, mildew, and termites for the life of the structure.

The Foam core of the SIP panels are treated with Perform Guard® termite protection for added protection and durability.

Build Green with SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels (or SIPs) are considered a green building product. They’re insulative value is extremely high and when assembled they provide a shell that is significantly more air-tight than stick frame construction. SIP buildings have been tested to be 50% or more energy efficient than stick buildings.

SIP panel construction uses a smaller volume of materials, time, labor, and resources than other building methods. The facility that our kit is manufactured in partners with many green building and energy saving organizations.



There is no other building method that is more energy efficient for building a small cabin. SIPs are comprised of a foam core sandwiched between sheets of OSB – oriented strand board – a type of plywood. There won’t be a square inch of wall you can’t nail or screw into. This means siding and roofing will be a breeze.


Foundation Requirements

The PrepCabin Octagon Cabin Kit can be adapted to any kind of foundation. The kit comes with joists and can be set on any kind of piers, blocking, stilts, or even bypass to floor part of the kit to easily adapt to a slab foundation. Each kit will be engineered for the foundation you wish to use.

To read more about the advantages of building with Structural Insulated Panels checkout Green Building With SIPs.

100% Customizeable

When it comes to our Octagon Cabin Kit your customization options are almost limitless. The only real limit being your imagination. Once the shell is assembled you have a blank canvas to work with.

And since the walls – interior and exterior – are clad with solid OSB it’s super easy to apply any kind of exterior siding and interior treatments you desire. No searching for studs … nail or screws will hold anywhere.

Want it to look like a log cabin? Simply apply log shiplap siding. Want the weathered and rustic look … Board and batten siding is easy to apply when you’re not searching for studs.

Interested in extreme and long-lasting durability? Metal siding and steel R-Panel will last a lifetime with no maintenance.

The wall panels come solid with a standard door opening pre-cut on one panel. This opening can be modified to other sizes or not included if you wish to cut the opening for your own door.

For windows simply trace your opening onto the panels and cut out the shape with a reciprocating saw. Windows of all sizes and shapes and types are easy and simple to install on your cabin.

Open Floorplan

The interior of the cabin is completely open except for the one center roof support pole. If you want to divide the interior simply frame in a 2×4 wall anywhere you want.

Combining Kits For Larger Cabins

If you need more space than a 20′ kit or 30′ kit can provide it is possible to link multiple kits together to make one larger structure. You can butt them up side to side or link with hallways for more privacy.

Sample Floor Plan Combining Two Cabin Kits

Sample Floor Plan Combining Two Cabin Kits

If you live in a warmer climate then connected two cabins together with a covered porch or breezeway in a ‘dog trot’ formation will help you keep your cabin cool.

What you will need to finish your cabin.

The PrepCabin Octagon Cabin Kit is the frame and structure of your cabin. Already engineered and insulated.

All you need to make it weather tight are:

1. A Door

2. Siding and Trim

3. Roofing

4. Foundation

5. Support column or interior walls

6. Ceiling joists

Any amenities you’d like to add to your cabin are easily accomplished. The open floor plan places no limitations on your creativity. Walls can be placed anywhere, anyway you want them.

Electrical and plumbing can also be added in any location. If you have a specific electrical design we’ll need your specifications before manufacturing as the electrical chases are built into the panels during manufacturing. The kit already comes with standard chases for electrical service. Plumbing is as easy as drilling a few holes through the panels to route your pipes through.

There are no studs to search for in this kit. The walls are 100% covered with the OSB sheathing of the SIP panels. This means you can screw or nail ANYWHERE! Less measuring, less cutting, less planning, less headache!


Should you hire a contractor to assemble and finish your cabin?

If you do not have help to assemble and build your cabin. Or you lack the experience or time you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you or to handle the job.

Building with SIPs saves lots of time and labor. Which is great for you and your expenses.

Before hiring any contractor or handyman make sure they are on board with your plans and desires. If you need help finding a contractor we may be able to help you with that process.

Download the PrepCabin Octagon Cabin Kit Brochure. Right click this link and choose ‘save as’.

Full Service and Turn-Key Cabins

Not everyone who wants a cabin or tiny home has the experience or time to build it themselves …

We can offer a fully built and turn-key cabin built on your site.

Costs for a completed cabin will vary depending on trim-out, location, and distance. We’ll likely need to work with a local contractor as well if building where there are building code and inspections required.