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  • wishing-well

    What’s on Your Prepper Wishlist?

    Most preppers have a significant wishlist. And many of those wishlists contain items that may or not be reasonable for most preppers. But if you have the will then you can achieve just about any ‘prep’ you can think of. Here is a quick list of some of the top prepper ‘wish list’ items: 1. […]

  • Self-Reliance-Expo

    Self-Reliance Expo March 21 in Arlington, TX

    Howdy Preppers, Survivalists, and fellow nut jobs, If you’re in or near the North Texas area there is a great opportunity to join your emergency preparedness and self-reliance minded brethren This Saturday only the Self-Reliance Expo is in town. Entry is $10 at the door good for the whole day. Some of the features of […]