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There's a lot of doom and gloom in today's society. But with simple and fun preps it's easier than ever to find a little peace of mind. Join my journey - and struggles - of becoming survival minded, prepared, and more self-sufficient.
Step One: Learn to Grow Your Own Food!
Likely the most important thing you can do as a prepper, survivalist, and American is learn to be more self-sufficient by growing your own produce! Learn how to grow your own food for you and your family no matter where you live. You can produce enough food to survive on your apartment balcony or your back porch. Check out this Gardening Master Pack I've curated and that's only available here on Prepcabin.com.

  • biohazard

    West Africa Ebola Outbreak: Is It ‘out of control’?

    According to Dr. Bart Janssens from Doctors Without Borders … the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is ‘out of control’. Since March there have been around 600 cases, and approximately 350 deaths. In the past Ebola outbreaks have typically limited themselves to small areas. But with deforestation and the increase in population the deadly virus […]

  • capgun

    What is The Best Survival Gun?

    Everywhere on the net, on forums and blogs, people are arguing about what the best survival gun is. Evidence points to the conclusion that there is no one gun that is the best survival gun. But people still hunt for it like it’s the holy grail. The concept of the survival gun is in fact […]

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