Introducing The PrepCabin Octagon Cabin Kit

Now it’s easier than ever to build your own cabin from the PrepCabin DIY cabin kit that has the unmatched durability and efficiency of building with Structural Insulated Panels. Our kit is also the perfect start for a cozy tiny home.

When assembled PrepCabin’s Octagon Cabin Kit will provide a floor, 8 walls, and a conical sloped roof, which are pre-insulated and ready for your finish treatment and roofing. The kit also includes all the screws, hardware, lumber, sealant, and wall wrap making the shell complete and ready for finish treatment.

There is no framing or engineering required. Just assembly of the professionally engineered manufactured panels. The panels are manufactured with Structural Insulated Panels (also known as SIP), which is likely the most efficient building method on today’s market.

Artistic Rendering - Composite Shingles , Board and Batten Siding

Artistic Rendering - Composite Shingles , Board and Batten Siding

Computer Rendering of Assembled Kit

Computer Rendering of Assembled Kit

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