Before I can answer who preppers are, I think it’s important to take a moment and consider what a prepper is.

You may be thinking about a crazed lunatic living in the middle of the woods in a hut he made himself out of reused lumber, muttering about the satellites listening to his thoughts as he fashions hats out of hub caps and aluminum foil.

While those people may exist, and call themselves preppers, they are the minority. Most preppers are suburban, city and rural families that have decided to take certain measures to ensure their survivability in the event of a catastrophic disaster.

If you want the real truth – you are a prepper! Your mom is a prepper and everyone else around you is a prepper. In the Mormon faith, it is a common practice to keep one year’s worth of supplies on hand at all times. It’s even eluded to in the Bible.

It is our human nature to prep. Why did your grandmother pickle? And can fruits and vegetables? Store food in the cellar? Most Americans still prep for the winter.

Storing your warm clothes, buying extra batteries and blankets. Putting back bottled water if the electric goes out in a snowstorm and gathering firewood for our fireplaces. It’s all prepping and we’ve been doing it since the dawn of mankind.

Prepping is Strong Survival Instincts

We all want to survive, and the survival instinct is a strong driving factor in our everyday lives.

It is known that to survive we have basic needs… food, water, and shelter. Of course there are many more complex needs that we have, but we’re focusing on the basics.

Food is for nourishment, water for hydration, and shelter (including clothing) is for protection from the elements. If we have these three things we can survive!

And that is exactly what preppers are doing. They are gathering these basic needs, and more complex needs, such as personal protection and medication so that they can survive in the possibility that these things are no longer readily available.

It’s not just to survive, but to survive as humans with dignity and purpose.

Think about what you would do to survive. What is the most important need for you? Join us on the Facebook page at and join the discussion.