People prep for one main reason. And that reason is purely – survival.

If and when something happens, preppers want to be ready to survive, and to continue their lives while maintaining a level of safety and comfort.

There is no guarantee that something catastrophic will happen within our lifetime, or our future generations. But for a lot of American’s the possibility seems much more possible than ever before.

Social Unrest

You can’t ignore the social issues that are taking our world by storm. The global community is struggling and we feel the social unrest from around the world right here at home.

To some people, it looks like even our leaders here at home have started pitting us against each other-which could lead to a major event.

If our society falls apart because of social unrest, many people want to be prepared to protect themselves and their families.

Economic Collapse

A common reason for prepping that I’ve heard people talk about is the possibility of major economic collapse.

With our national debt rising, the devaluation of the dollar and the deterioration of our entire infrastructure a lot of people are worried about a depression that would put the great depression to shame.

There is plenty of reason to worry about the economic stability of the United States and the rest of the world. We just need to remember to keep it all in perspective.

If this happens, then money won’t be very useful. You’ll need goods, and precious metals that you can trade for what you need if you don’t already have it all stored back.

Natural Disasters

There seems to have been an increase in natural disasters in the last decade. Events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes and volcanoes pose great risk to our infrastructure and the availability of the things we depend on.

One super volcano eruption could cripple our earth, destroying our food sources and ability to grow more food.

Epidemics and Biological Warfare

Another fear is the possibility of a global widespread epidemic. Widespread disease could cripple nations, destroy economies and interrupt our supply chain. Just leaving your home could put you at grave risk for exposure to disease, bio warfare, chemicals and violence from panicked people trying to survive.

This scenario is very possible, and movies are made every year about it. I would lump zombies into this category even though I find the traditional “zombie” outbreak to be nothing but fantasy.

I’m sure there are multitudes of other reasons that people choose to become preppers. I have others that I will go into detail later, but if you prep for another reason not mentioned, just shoot over to the Facebook page at and let us know why you prep. We’d love to know, and I’d love to hear about your strategies.