I like Zombies to an extent. As long as they’re on T.V. eating someone else’s brains and moaning in some far away fantasy land.

I’m sure that there is a possibility of people turning into mindless violent zombies…

It sure is a long stretch if you want my real opinion. However, I do believe zombies already do exist!

What! How can I be a cynic and a believer? It’s easy.

The traditional brain eating undead is a creation of fantasy and lore. How can something that is no longer alive be able to move, chase, smell or attack? Why would something dead need to eat?

The zombie I believe in is still alive. It just has no control over its impulses. Think of an animal with rabies. They foam at the mouth, eyes glass over and the animal has no sense of right or wrong – only pure aggression caused by confusion.

It’s estimated that 55,000 people die annually worldwide from becoming infected with the rabies virus.

Since it is a virus, and we know that viruses can mutate… well you get the point.

All it takes is one experiment gone wrong and it can all come crashing down.

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