This morning my wife called me and said that I needed to check something out. I have to admit that sometimes I don’t really pay attention to what she thinks is important… Even though it usually is important.

After I decided to mentally focus and listen to what she wanted to tell me- the only thing my brain processed was “zombie outbreak in Montana”.

Once I got over my initial excitement, I actually heard what she was saying…

Turns out it’s not the zombie apocalypse-thank god- but just a hoax carried out on live television by hackers.

Someone, somewhere hacked into the emergency alert system, you know the one that scrolls information across the screen when really bad storms are coming through your area, then inserted their own message of dead bodies rising from the ground and attacking people.

It sounds like a fun jovial prank but it seems quite a few people were duped by it and believed it was real. The Great Falls Tribune reported that at least 4 calls to the local police had been received asking what to do about the zombies.

It’s not hard to believe that it would fool people considering that the emergency alert systems are highly relied upon in the case of an actual emergency.

The news station KRTV in Great Falls, Montana is investigating how the hackers got into the system and have aired apologies both on television and their online news outlets.

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