Growing up learning about remodeling and construction was definitely a great advantage for me when I started the cabin project. Now that it’s nearing completion I’m starting to look back at the milestones and achievements.

But it sure hasn’t been all sugar and spice. There have been a few hiccups here and there. Especially realizing that the metal roofing wouldn’t sit right the way I had it cut from the metal shop. Luckily I can use the metal roofing for the next one.

The roof is finished now with composite lifetime shingles that really look great on the small cabin.

The chinking is about 70% finished and then the door will get hung. After that it’ll be ready for potential customers to come out and see it. This one won’t be sold and I’ll keep improving it as my sample. Those who want can order theirs completely customized to their needs.

The cabin project page will be updated very shortly.