This Friday and Saturday, the 26th and 27th there is a large event at the Arlington Convention Center called the Self Reliance Expo. It’s billed as the largest expo/ event of it’s kind in the nation.

I read a little about it on some different blogs and there were some mixed reviews of last year’s expo.

Some people said there was a weird variety of vendors and many of them didn’t relate to the industry. It was also said that the speakers and presenters weren’t really ready or prepared.

Well it looks like they’ve had a year to prepare and learn from mistakes made. Expos can be hard to pull off right the first year anyways and since it’s coming back to town I expect it to be much better.

After looking through the list of speakers and presents, it looks like it’ll be a really good event. Especially looking forward to seeing Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy. One of my weakest areas in prepping is being ready for medical emergencies.

Of course there’s going to be some funny business. There always is. Supposedly one of the vendors is offering a really well equipped high-end bug out bag for almost $1,000. Which you could probably put together yourself for a couple hundred bucks.

I really hope to see some good water filtration systems as I’m thinking about putting a well into my property.

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