This last Saturday I spent the better part of the day at the Self Reliance Expo in Arlington, Texas.

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect and I had a great time, made some good connections and met some potential business partners. There was a great “small world” moment when I met a future client and survival expert.

Turns out that he grew up down the street from my wife and even shared the same bus stop. Working with his company is something that I’m really looking forward to. Soon there will be some tips and information being shared here on directly from “Above Average” Joe of Survival Life.

There were a lot of great products there that gave me some really good ideas and we’ll be going over some of them, how much they cost versus the value they bring to your preps. Maybe we’ll even analyze their construction so that we can go over how to make your own.

There was so much inspiration from some of the products I saw that it’s time to start analyzing more how to make your own tools and equipment. Buying some of these products can be very costly, and some of them you could make a version from stuff you already have at home.

One item that I saw and talked to the inventor and builder of was Tom Spargo of Rainsaucers.

His product, which is made here in the USA by hand, is a conical poly disk that attaches to almost any container that you can imagine. It can also be linked to a large network of rain catchment systems.

I was impressed with his ingenuity and drive as well. He’s been shipping units to countries with poor water supplies as well so that they can efficiently and safely harvest rainwater.

You can see his product at I have received no compensation at all for mentioning Tom’s product. I simply liked it and wanted to share it.

Since the Expo was such a joy I’m already planning some trips to other expos. I’ll make sure to keep you informed well before the next one come up.

If you know of good expos for emergency preparedness minded individuals please share the information that you have on our FaceBook page.

As always Go Prepared!