Recently I heard a radio host talking about gun ownership on an evening talk show.

He brought up a great point that I knew and felt in my heart but had no way to accurately express my feelings in words.

Owning guns always just made sense to my. Why would I choose not to own a gun when I can own a gun. Having that level of protection and making the playing field even between me and criminals was just common sense as far as I was concerned.

If someone is going to come at me to cause harm then I should meet that force with an equal or greater force. It’s basic physics.

The best way to think about this is to think about balance. He who survives a conflict is the one who tips the scales in their favor.

Not only does this apply one on one, but it also brings me to the moment when I decided that it wasn’t just a right, it’s our duty to be responsibly armed citizens.

What the radio host said to the best of my memory was that why would the right to bear arms be the second amendment to the constitution, and have it’s own separate amendment? Because it was one of the most crucial needs in order for society to be balanced. Balanced between the people and the government.

If our semi-elected government is to stay in balance then it’s crucial for them to fear the people, to be answerable to the people. And this means that as citizens of a republic our duty is to exercise our rights.

When we hear politicians and special interest groups talking about gun control, sometimes they can make a very compelling argument considering the lack of education about firearms and firearm safety in our “modern” society.

They call for laws to control guns in order to make people and their children safe. Preying on emotion is the defacto tactic used by anti-gun politicians and media.

People like you and me understand and see through the smoke screen of emotional appeal.

Others talk about compromise to gun ownership. Why should we have weapons of war? News flash: we’re already denied ownership of real weapons of war. Fully automatic weapons aren’t readily available to the public!

The other weapons of war such as tanks, missiles, rockets, guidance systems and the most destructive weapons are nearly impossible to get your hands on unless you’re an arms smuggler.

Stay strong responsibly armed Americans and stay true to your roots! As a patriotic citizen being armed isn’t just a right afforded to us by the second amendment to the constitution. It’s a civil duty that we shouldn’t take lightly.
With duty comes responsibility

What are our responsibilities as gun toting patriots? To me it’s very simple and it all boils down to safety.

Safe firearm handling and practices are the best thing we can do. This limits the chances of anti-gun zealots getting enough figurative ammunition against gun owners to get the gun control legislation which they drool over.

Here’s some quick tips on being a responsibly armed American:

  • Don’t let anyone get their hands on your firearms ever. You can’t control what they do with them.
  • Be careful of conversations and arguments with anti-gun believers. You may have real solid facts but the other side is fueled by fear and emotion.
  • Do what you can to make sure you’re always at the top of your game. Practice your shooting skills and get professional training.
  • Beware of your public image. It’s ok to let people know your beliefs but it’s more important than ever to portray gun ownership in the most positive light possible.
  • Don’t be stupid! The left thinks they are smarter and more educated- therefore enlightened. They’ll jump on anything a gun owner says and try to twist it around. They already have public opinion leaning towards gun owners being nutcase radicals!

A gun only kills innocent people when a mad man, or an untrained person pulls the trigger. In order to protect our country and our power keeping the government answerable to the people we must remain responsible and model armed citizens.

Do you agree that being an armed citizen is a duty and not just a right. Let me know what your stance on this volatile issue is below in our new comments section.