My wife likes to email me links to things I should build for her.

Usually they are really great ideas, and she has a good eye for picking out useful things that will look nice around the house.

Every now and then she hits on something I really like and this post that she shared with me was one of them.

This hanging garden is great for preppers because we can grow more food in a smaller space. I’ve been studying more about vertical gardening and I think I’ll try it this next year. Having space for a garden luckily isn’t a problem where we live, but a more compact garden could be much easier to water and care for!

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to put together one of my own yet – hopefully I will soon. But I did do an experiment with used tin cans on a section of fence. Yes the plants in the cans are just weeds, but this is a great way to grow you herbs. And if you water from the top the water can drip down to the can below! Less watering and less wasted water.

Tin Can Hanging Garden