Urban Survival Playing Cards

Urban Survival Playing Cards

Recently I received a tempting offer from one of the many emergency preparedness websites I follow closely.

The offer was for a deck of Urban Survival Playing cards at a discounted rate. Since it was a few weeks before Mothers Day I ordered 2 decks. One for my household and another for my mom. She was really happy with the gift choice because my parents actually practice emergency preparedness as well.

Shipping was quick and I received my order days before I even expected them to arrive. They were well packed to ensure the best protection from damage during shipping. Regretfully I don’t remember whether they were delivered by Fed-ex or UPS, either company is very reliable shipping to my middle of no-where homestead.

Upon pulling them out the graphics were very sharp and well printed on the box. Excitedly pulling the cards out I realized that they were very well made cards with a quality coating to keep the cards nice and straight. They shuffled well and didn’t stick together at all! Definitely not cheaply made.

While the coating seemed high quality my test pack hasn’t been used enough to determine durability. I’ve seen thicker coatings on cards and this coating may not hold up as well. You may consider getting an extra pack or two if you wear out your first pack.

Now to the good stuff. There is a lot more survival information on each card than expected. This is really good.

The tips were very thoughtful and straight to the point. Many were things that I had never previously thought of and could surely save your life in the event of social chaos.

Even though I live in a fairly rural area compared to the “big city” we still anticipate many wanders and refugees to pass through our area if social collapse becomes a reality. These cards are good for any prepper that may need to survive in a post-disaster society.

The information ranges from how to seal off a safe room at your work place to detecting and avoiding surveillance.

The more that we play with these cards, the more tips we’ll remember if we ever need to use these survival skills.

Every bit of information is well thought out and this product is not slapped together at all.

The price was higher than your average deck of cards. This is to be expected! It’s not an item you can walk into Wal-Mart and buy for $1.50 because it’s not produced in super large quantities and they provide more value than just entertainment.

When I placed my order they were right around $11 dollars a pack with flat $6 shipping up to 10 decks.. A fair price for the valuable information and shipping. These cards aren’t being offered by a huge company and the cost reflects that.

I’ll be ordering more packs to give to family and friends as gifts!

I received no compensation or discounts for reviewing this product. If the maker of the product decides to in the future I’ll edit this for “full disclosure”.

You can get more information or order here: http://www.urbansurvivalplayingcards.com/11special.php