I’m extremely hesitant to write this post, however I think it is important to do so I would like to lay out some points for you to consider first.

  1. I don’t care about race. I find it stupid and frustrating. We’re all people from different American cultures trying to get along.
  2. Most of what I’m reading, and where my information is coming from is most likely OPINIONS.
  3. If I believe something to be a high likelihood it doesn’t make it a fact.
  4. If you comment, hate language will NOT BE TOLERATED! I will screen shot record it and turn it over to the authorities!

This being said I hope you enjoy my article and take this important lesson to heart.

What we can learn from George Zimmerman

The prosecution of George Zimmerman – he’ll be referred to as “GZ” for the rest of this post – is a highly volatile public opinion clusterf#ck.

Here’s my take on some of the volatile issues.

Is this case only about race?

Yes, and no. The media is making this case to be about race, and they’re getting the court of public opinion on their side by making it so.

GZ is not actually the WHITE guy that everyone is supposedly mad at. It appears that he is half Latino and speaks Spanish even having multiple African Americans in his family. I find it difficult to believe this shooting had anything to do with race.

I think GZ was frustrated at people for causing mischief in his neighborhood. Someone was up to no good and GZ was tired of it and wanted to make a difference.

He was the head of the neighborhood watch and from his 911 call appeared to be doing primarily what was recommended.

One thing that has annoyed me is the constant use of “teenager”. Trying to make it out that Trayvon was an innocent high school boy. While I make no allegations of his behavior or possible violence and drug use – he was 19. Nineteen years old is old enough to know better. He was a grown man, and therefore responsible for his actions that may have led to this altercation.

What should this case be about?

This case should be about whether GZ acted in self-defense, whether he was actually threatened with deadly force, and whether he put himself in that situation.

Did GZ act in self-defense?

I’m torn on this debate.

It’s likely that George was an unnecessary antagonist. And this is where we can learn a valuable lesson.

Trayvon may have been somewhere he shouldn’t have been – acting suspicious and confrontational.

This was the community that GZ resided in and was a head of the community watch for that community because it appears that they were experiencing ample criminal activity.

By reading many different reports it looks like GZ called the police about a suspicious character and was told that he didn’t need to get out of his car. He may have followed Trayvon so that the police could locate him once they arrived. Somehow he got into a confrontation with Trayvon during this ordeal.

It also appears that Trayvon was confrontational, the conflict became violent to the point GZ felt threatened enough to use deadly force. George survived, Trayvon didn’t – but GZ had evidence of physical confrontation that may support claims of self-defense however misguided his actions were.

And from watching parts of the trial on TV, the defense has done a good job of showing that George was in a possibly deadly situation. And that George Zimmerman’s account may actually be fairly accurate.

What would my verdict be?

From what I’ve seen and heard this will never be a cut and dry case of murder.

There was a conflict involving two people with few witnesses, and no clear witness to the exact sequence of events.

From what I’ve seen and heard manslaughter may be the most likely outcome of this case.

But I do not propose GZ should get manslaughter, or second-degree murder or any other guilty verdict. I also do not propose that he should be cleared of his crime. It’s up to the courts and God to judge him.

What’s the lesson?

Never, ever, ever start, join, or intervene in a confrontation where there is any possibility of using deadly force. Unless there is no avoiding it. Learn to recognize these situations before you’re involved.

GZ was in his car and if it was me, I sure as hell would have stayed there. He did the right thing calling the police, but the wrong thing by following Trayvon in that situation. I would have bailed and left it to the police.

As preppers and survivalist it’s important to remember that there is great responsibility to being a patriot and an armed citizen. Not to his fault but George Zimmerman didn’t set a good example, and sure as heck didn’t help the second amendment argument.

It’s important to stay under the radar so you’ll keep out of the law’s crosshairs and more importantly the media’s crosshair. You don’t do this by putting yourself in unnecessarily dangerous situations.

What would your verdict for George Zimmerman be and why? Please comment below – and keep your cool!