spyTired of being spied on?

It seems apparent that our government, and even our global community has no qualms about the data they collect on you and if they could they’d love to listen in on every thought in your head.

Since the NSA scandal it’s been made aware to many people that there isn’t anything our government won’t do to keep tabs on it’s citizens.

Individual sovereignty has been taking a beating since someone first decided that we needed leaders. We’re trying hard to take our freedoms back with our vote and voice but it’s probably to late. We’ve created an uber-huge mega global government and it’s virtually impossible to turn back the clock.

To avoid our overly intrusive government, utilize these ten tips I found that can help you stay under the radar.

10. Don’t Leave a Trail

To do this you’d need to primarily deal in cash. Shred any documents that aren’t vital to keep, but make sure they’re crosscut and random. Many computer programs can piece shredded paper back together digitally. I like to shred and then burn sensitive documents.

Avoiding the use of your real name is helpful and definitely don’t apply for credit. Your credit reports are like a compass pointing in your direction.

9. Avoid the Internet

Since you’re reading this then you’re probably online often. Be careful of email, it can all be intercepted. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t mind being on the front page of the newspaper.

Since I work from home, this isn’t an option for me. ☹

There are many programs to encrypt your email content, and even providers that focus on privacy. Try http://reagan.com and check out their email options.

8. Ditch the Big Company Cell Phone

I’ve considered this more than once, and actually keep a pre-paid phone aside incase I ever need one. A prepaid phone that doesn’t require registration with a name or address is a great way to make sure your conversations don’t lead back to you.

This isn’t an untraceable phone. It’s not a spy tool that can’t be hacked. You still need to be careful what you say. It’s just harder to trace it back to you.

7. Stop Using “Program” Perks

Credit cards, bank cards and a host of memberships all give you perks to use their service. They’re getting something out of it – your data. This data is like gold to large companies because it helps them market to you, and sell more products.

Ditch the reward cards and bank cards. Also ditch the cable, video store, and other memberships. They’re all compiling your data. Want entertainment? Go to the movies and pay cash, or enjoy the park.

6. Live a simple life

The most effective way to stay under the radar is to live a simple life. Giving no reason for scrutiny. The more things and property you own the more that you should have been responsible for taxes. Big expensive things are a huge red flag to the IRS. They’re obsessed with getting your money and are always looking.

If you appear to have very little or nothing then you aren’t worth a second look to the government.

5. You Can Become a Diplomat

This may sound crazy but for just 75,000 Euros (98,332 U.S. Dollars) you can become a diplomat of a South African nation. Your home becomes a registered consulate and you receive immunity from government regulations. You’re also free from any taxes for money earned outside the US.

This won’t help much with anonymity; it’ll actually get you on the radar. What it will do is help you avoid silly laws and regulations.

4. Utilize a Mail Drop

There are some mail services that you can forward you mail to and they will provide a secret and secure mailbox for you. This way you don’t have to use your home address or a PO Box that is registered to you.

You may have to look around for a really secret and secure one but there are plenty of these services. Check out this service http://www.usabox.com/.

3. Stay On The Move

Becoming a constant traveler/tourist can be one of the best ways to stay off the radar. You can keep your finances in tax havens around the world and only stay in one place long enough to keep from becoming an official resident of any one place.

2. Use Anonymous Credit Cards

You can use an email address and prepaid funds to buy an anonymous credit card online. They just add funds to the account and email you the card number and expiration.

There is much less security with one of these cards since anyone that gets the number can use it and there’s no recourse because there is no ID assigned to the card. Whoever has the card number owns the money. Just don’t share the number and keep the funds low.

1. Get a Camouflage Passport

Yes, you can actually legally own a fake passport. These camouflage passports are usually from a country that no longer exists.

Their made realistic enough to help a person conceal their identity in the case of a hijacking, riot or similar situation. Often supporting documents like drivers license and other documents are available to supplement your camo passport. Here’s some more info about these covert IDs. http://www.ptshamrock.com/campp.html

As an online e-prenuer it is difficult if not impossible for me to stay under the radar.

I do work hard to secure my sensitive information and use services that help monitor my risks online. I suggest taking your online privacy seriously.

If you have any tips and tricks to stay under the radar we’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know how you stay out of the eye of the establishment.