We’re always looking for great ways to protect our gear from the elements and sometimes a waterproof container is a necessity. Sensitive electronics, medications, snacks, fire starter and anything else you need to keep dry could be the one item that you need most in a SHTF scenario.

Sometimes there is no room for a bulky sealed plastic box that is guaranteed to make it through a nuclear holocaust so it was time to give protective bags another chance.

Back in grade school expensive waterproof bags for camping failed me miserably so I was hesitant to give them another chance. Materials have vastly improved and companies have a much harder time making excessive claims so I figured it was worth another chance.

I decided to test out the aLOKSAK that is made in the USA. I read great reviews online so I ordered a 3 pack and got to testing.

These LOKSAKs measure 12 inches by 12 inches and claim waterproof up to 200 feet down. Also claims they remain flexible to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since I don’t hold onto a lot of old electronic devices I decided to risk an old MP3 player that I haven’t used in years. All my music is on the phone now anyways.

I buried it a foot under dirt and watered it heavily 3 times a day for two days total. After I pulled it out of the mud I rinsed it off with the water hose and the sink in the house to get the rest of the North Texas black clay off.

The LOKSAK held up to it’s promise and claims. The MP3 player was fully functional and there wasn’t a drop of water or dirt on the inside of the bag. I could have placed a thousand dollar camera in it and felt confident it would be protected.

I probably wouldn’t rely on these bags as long-term bury containers. If you’re wanting to hide or store something temporarily that’s ok. I was worried about piercing the skin of the bag while digging it up.

For above ground storage I feel confident that they would keep out any moisture, even completely protect from humidity.

It’s highly likely that I’ll be ordering these by the dozen to protect all the moisture sensitive items I keep stored.

They’ll add an extra level of protection and security. You can sleep better at night knowing that your items are protected from accidental water exposure. These would be a must for storing items in your storm shelter, basement or bunker.

Check their Amazon store out below:

If you’ve found a better product please let me know and I’ll see about reviewing that as well. Jump below to the comments to let me know what you’ll protect with your LOKSAKs.