Most People recommend keeping some tackle in your kit but then you have to worry about finding a rod…

And let’s face it even a good fishing rod isn’t going to fit into your pack and i know just from trying to hike out into a hidden pond on my grandparents land, carrying one of these full sized Zebco’s through the trees is a pain.

Also when considering the fact that you are in survival mode, fishing is a very time consuming activity that sometimes never pays off.

I would much rather be able to rig up a fishing line and walk away.

Or as Ron Popeil used to say:

“set it and forget it!”

That way I can focus on other activities like sprucing up my shelter, or gathering and sanitizing water.

I was talking to my grandfather (Papa) a little while back, and he told me about these really interesting rigs that they used back in the 50′s and 60′s that they used around their campsites that helped keep them fed for weeks.

Check it out:

  • Very Sensitive Flat Trigger Mechanism (See Pictures)
  • Stainless Steel (Rust Proof) Spring & Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Pre-Spooled with 9-12′ of 60# Test Nylon Line
  • Adjustable Spring Tension
  • Made In The USA

Papa told me that when he was younger, these types of reels were fairly common and they would set up quite a few of them off the bank and out around trees in the deeper parts of the lake. He said they would regularly catch 5-10 lb Catfish and pretty decent size Bass on these traps.

Increasing game regulations have lead to a downfall in the use of these as many places now consider them illegal.

Fortunately in a survival situation, a small fine will be the last thing on my mind as long as I have the chance at a fresh meal!

These things are relatively cheap, coming in at around $6.00 online ( I found a 6 pack below for $20.00!) but they may be even cheaper at your local bait and tackle shops.

I haven’t gotten a chance to test these out yet, but I’m ordering some today and plan on testing them out this fall when I head off to camp out.

Based on the videos (watch one below) I have seen, I have high hopes for this gadget.

Have you used one of these yo-yo fishing reels?

I’d love to know how it worked for you!

Let me know in the comments below.

Also, if you plan on using this for catfish, be sure to check out Papa’s Famous Catfish Bait recipe!

(that stuff will bring in the fish, but boy the smell will knock your socks off!)

P.S. I had never even thought of using it like this!

Check out the video below and watch how a guy modifies the reel and turns it into a small game snare!