Knowledge is likely the most important prep that you can ever do.

And having an adequate “preppers” library as a reference tool can aid in your survival.

Not only can having the right knowledge be a life or death matter, it can also help you and your family live much more comfortably if luxuries are in short supply.

That’s why I’m always looking for materials and books to add to my rapidly growing library.

It may be time to become a little picky about what gets added, but this resource should be in you’re library no matter how much information and knowledge you’ve collected.

The “LDS Preparedness Manual” is free as a PDF download. Yes there is some religious teachings throughout the book, but it’s made by the Church of Latter Day Saints. Get it for free – click here: LDS Preparedness Manual

A large number of LDS members are also preppers. They have been for a long time and it’s part of their community. Their focus is about being prepared for times of shortage, turmoil and strife. Being able to care and feed their families through increased self-reliance is central to many LDS families.

We can learn a lot from the self-sufficient practices and techniques in this manual. I’ll be printing mine out and adding to the library shelves.

It’s not necessarily an original work, but it’s compiled from many resources and puts massive prepping knowledge in one place!

Here’s some more details about what it includes: (From

The LDS Preparedness manual is a compilation of emergency preparedness resources, how-to’s, and checklists, that have been reviewed to be some of the most valuable information you can have during a disaster or during difficult economic times.Â

Thanks goes out to Christopher Parrett who has complied this preparedness reference guide and all of the volunteers who have helped him make this possible. If you prefer a hard copy printed version of this manual, you can visit to purchase a printed copy for the cost of printing.
LDS Preparedness Manual Contents
• Preface
• Book of Gomer Parable, Author UnknownÂ
• Preparing for a repeat of Haun’s Mill, By Roger K. Young
• Preparedness Test, by One Heart Inc.
• Deluxe 96 Hour Kit, By Glenn A. Anderson

• Food Storage, by Chris Parrett
• BARE-MINIMUM Food Storage Requirements, by Chris Parrett
• Do you Really have a Year’s Supply??, By Chris ParrettÂ
• Basic Food List, Lynette B. Crockett
• Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar, by Andrea Chapman
• The Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage, By Vickie Tate
• Common Storage Foods, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Grains & Flours, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Legume Varieties, By Alan T. Hagan T. HaganÂ
• Availability of Grains & Legumes, By Alan T. Hagan Alan T. HaganÂ
• Moisture Content in Grains & Legumes, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Dairy Products, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Canned Fluid Milks and Cremes, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Sugar, Honey and Sweeteners, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Fats and Oils, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Cooking Adjuncts, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Infant Formula, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Growing and Using Sprouts, by Al Durtschi
• Pros & Cons of Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, MRE, etc.., by Skipper Clark
• MREs, Meal Ready to Eat, By Alan T. HaganÂ
• Storage Containers, By Alan T. Hagan
• Oxygen Absorbers, By Alan T. Hagan
• Moisture Control, By Alan T. Hagan
• Spoilage, By Alan T. Hagan
• Storage Lives of Dehydrated Food, By Al DurtschiÂ
• Water, by Paton Turner
• Master Food List, by Chris Parrett
• Master Seed List, by Chris Parrett

• OK, But what do I prepare for?, by Capt. Dave
• Surviving in the City, Edited by Chris Parrett
• Money, Edited by Chris Parrett
• Defence, Edited by Chris Parrett
• Clothing, Edited by Chris Parrett
• Emergency Heating & Cooking, by Greg Pope
• Emergency Light, by Robert Roskind & Brandon Mansfield
• Emergency Shelter, by Larry Bethers
• Master Preparedness List, by Chris Parrett
• Space Cramp, Where do I Put it all?? by Kim Hicken
• Emergency Sanitation, by Greg Pope.
• Emergency Toilets & Garbage Disposal, by Alan T. Hagan
• Emergency Generators, By Steve Dunlop

• Biological and Chemical Agent Dispersion, By Kenneth B. Moravec
• Protecting Yourself From Terrorism, By Kenneth B. Moravec
• Homeland Security Advisory System.
• Nuclear – Chemical Decontamination Kit, By Kenneth B. Moravec
• Nuclear Disaster and Warfare, By Kenneth B. Moravec

To download it for free go here: LDS Preparedness Manual

If you have experience with this manual, or know of other great free resources for preppers please share them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!