My wife recently emailed me a picture with captions from a popular television comedy that got me thinking about who I’d want to have around after SHTF.

The first thought was to give you some background about the show, but that would just detract from the point.

This is more of a scientific dream team, but for the average joe this team would be of little help in a real SHTF scenario.

The lesson that we can take from this graphic is that you need people with different skills in order to thrive in a society that has collapsed. There are some people out there who can do it all … But life will be much easier and efficient if people “specialize” their contributions.

Having someone who is an expert at hunting will allow others to become experts at making clothing. This specialization has been contributed to the human race’s ability to develop such complicated and inspiring works. From the great pyramids all the way to the modern computer. Those developments would have been impossible without “specialists”.

So which specialists do you want on your post apocalypse team?

Surely a lot of people’s first choice would be anyone with strong survival skills that can help the entire group survive. People with these skills will be crucial in a SHTF scenario.

To find people with this skill set you probably don’t need to look too far. It’s likely that one of your neighbors is highly skilled in this area.

Here are some specialists to look for to bring in someone with good survival skills:

  • Military Veterans have extensive survival training, from finding food, water and shelter to self-defense and first aid. It’s hard to beat having a veteran or a few on your post apocalyptic team.
  • A medical doctor would be a great addition to your after doomsday team. Preferably with some surgery and family medicine experience.
  • Fire-Fighters and Law Enforcement personnel are highly trained in first aid and other life-saving tactics. Plus many are former military as well.
  • Boy Scouts and Scoutmasters have great wilderness survival skills. They know how to build a fire, use ropes, find food and water, and are usually highly trained in first aid.
  • Experience hunters and trackers know the woods well, and they understand game animals. Their skills at providing protein with animal meat will be crucial in supplying nutrition for your group. Plus game animals can provide clothing, first-aid and other materials
  • Farmers and Gardeners with experience growing food crop items will be a huge asset in a micro community. Things can easily go wrong when trying to grow your own food and having someone that knows how to handle those problems can keep you from going hungry.
  • Don’t forget Grandma! A lot of our grandmothers are experienced in canning and preserving food. Refrigeration didn’t make it into the majority of homes until after WWII so look to our elders to learn crucial skills to help us become more self sufficient.
  • A contractor and or structural engineer could be very useful in a micro community of survivors. Buildings need to be maintained and constructed as well as adapted for different uses. Having someone with that experience can make sure buildings are structurally sound and safe.

There are surely other specialists that would be a great addition to your team. After doomsday it’s likely that micro communities will be the best social structure. Large towns and cities could exist easily, as they did before we relied on technology and organized government. But the initial time period after a devastating event could leave cities and towns in chaos and violent riots.

Off the top of my head, the only specialist I wouldn’t consider letting join my group would be career politicians. There why we’re in this mess in the first place.

If you agree or disagree or have something to add to the conversation we’d love to hear from you. Just jump down to the comments below and let us hear what you have to say.