A gadget is defined as: “a small mechanical device or tool, esp. an ingenious or novel one.

If you’re a prepper then you likely admire really cool gadgets – the lifesaving ones – I know I do.

And since everyone knows I’m always looking for the next cool piece of gear my family and friends send many links and articles to show me what they’ve found.

Because of this a couple of days ago my wife came across and sent me a link to the coolest ring for a prepper I’ve ever seen.

Stores have been selling bottle opener rings and rings that perform different functions for a long time but this one is unique because it’s a mini multitool!

Titanium Utility Ring
The Titanium Utility Ring

It may be a bit pricey, but for the gear collector who doesn’t care about price it’s a great find.

It’s advertised as being made from aerospace grade titanium and houses a bottle opener, a straight blade, a serrated blade, a saw and a comb. If sharpened the bottle opener could function as a very small gut hook as well.

Each one of these rings is made custom to your exact size – within a thousandth of an inch – so they’re surely aren’t many of them out there. It would be a truly unique piece for the most avid prepper and tool collector.

If anyone happens to get one of these awesome rings I’d love to hear about your experience with it.

Also, what other over-the-top awesome prepper gadgets have you found? Let us know about them in the comments below.