According to Dr. Bart Janssens from Doctors Without Borders … the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is ‘out of control’.

Since March there have been around 600 cases, and approximately 350 deaths.

In the past Ebola outbreaks have typically limited themselves to small areas. But with deforestation and the increase in population the deadly virus is finding ample hosts to infect and kill. The virus was initially discovered in the jungles of West Africa.

The Nasty Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus kills it’s host like a virus straight out of the movies. At first flu-like symptoms set in followed by serious diarrhea and vomiting. Then the virus attacks the bloods ability to clot. Victims often suffer both internal and external hemorrhaging and bleed to death from their orifices!

Typically the Ebola virus kills 90% of it’s victims. But due to strong efforts by WHO and the medical community the death rate has dropped to around 60% mortality during this specific outbreak.

At this time there is no known cure.

The Ebola virus was so feared after it was discovered that Hollywood made a film about the outbreak of a fictional Ebola-like virus in the U.S. The 1995 film Outbreak is a must watch!

Can the Ebola Virus Reach Us?

The Ebola virus has reached farther than precious during this outbreak. This means that the threat is increasing and that the virus can be easily spread from host-to-host.

There are extreme cautions being taken in West Africa to confine anyone exposed or showing symptoms of the virus. However recently an American citizen is being suspected of transporting the virus to Ghana. He is currently being tested to confirm suspicions but it’s unclear at this time if he has transported the virus.

Is an outbreak immediately imminent? The evidence doesn’t support that theory at this time. But it only takes a handful of travelers to spread the disease to thousands.

I wouldn’t recommend traveling to West Africa at this time, and I would avoid contact with anyone traveling who appears to show flu-like symptoms.

What do you think? Is the Ebola virus likely to make it to the U.S.? Do you think it’s the most likely global pandemic on the horizon?

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