We’ve all been watching the Ebola outbreak in the news.

And many Americans weren’t pleased about purposely bringing sick patients into the U.S. … even if they were U.S. citizens working on aid missions in W. Africa.

I wasn’t too worried about bringing in a couple of patients in a controlled environment because it would be only a matter of time until someone brought it on an commercial flight.

Now we’ve had the first confirmed case of Ebola in the public here in the U.S. And I’m only an hour away from the first confirmed case right in Dallas, Texas.

Am I overly worried at this time? I’m concerned but no where near panic. Should you be worried? We likely all should be. This is an important time to stay diligent and watchful. Maybe it’s time to stock up on a couple of bio-hazard suits and some respirators …

Here are a few sources to learn more about the Ebola virus reaching the U.S.







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