Sometimes being armed – or carrying a pocket knife – just isn’t enough. If you can add a simple prep to your every day carry that you don’t have to think twice about and is always there I call that a win – win situation.

All you have to do is wander into a tactical store, or browse through a tactical supply website to find hundreds of cool self-defense products. But many of these products require steps to implement in an emergency situation.

Take for example self-defense keychains like a monkey’s fist or spiked knuckle type keychain …

When you’re out and about there are two places that you’ll have your keys, the ignition or your pocket. Granted it’s unlikely that you leave home without them and you have them on you pretty much all times you’re away from home. But if something happens and you need that self-defense tool you either have to take them out of your ignition leaving your unready to escape. Or you have to take the time to dig them out of your pocket – or purse.

This means you need at least one deliberate action before implementing the use of your self-defense tool. Most of your personal self-defense tools whether it’s a pistol, knife, baton, or other miscellaneous tool take up valuable reaction time to implement.

That’s why when I come across something that is always at the ready with no steps to implementation I get excited.

Your Feet as A Self-Defense Weapon

I can kick much harder than I can punch. And it’s fairly certain that the same is true for you.

Some may view kicking as cowardly and unfair … if that’s you please stop reading and prepare to be taken advantage of someday.

Kicking is one of the fastest ways to incapacitate an attacker and get the upper hand. Sometimes one swift kick can stop them in their tracks and allow you to make your getaway.

So why not get the most out of your kick?

With Kuba Kickz from Kuba Jitsu you can.

This little plastic weapon puts covert style, trauma-inducing spikes directly on top of your feet. Just slip this little baby under the laces of your favorite shoes and it’s 100% at the ready 100% of the time.

That’s the kind of self-defense tool I like. Always there, and always reliable. But as someone important, at some time in history said, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

On the card that comes with the spiked weapon it states:

“For Self Defense , kick legs and arms of attacker. Strikes to other parts of the body may require justification of deadly force.”

Obviously this isn’t something that you’d want to use without some real justification. And from holding and wearing it on my foot for testing it’s reasonable that this could do some real damage. I sure don’t wanna get kicked with one of these – even by a toddler!

Inserting the Kuba Kickz into my laces was super simple. It took less than 30 seconds.
Just push the tongue down slip the Kuba Kickz in (I turned it sideways) and then push into position. If your shoes have tight laces and the tongue can’t push out of the way you may need to loosen your laces.

There are holes on the Kuba Kickz I’m guessing if you want to thread it into your laces. I don’t see any real reason to do this as there’s no way they’re coming out of place solely inserted under the laces. Plus I may want to switch mine between shoes quickly on occasion.

The material is a high-impact plastic and appears to be very, very durable. Against a flesh and bone attacker there’s no way they won’t hold up and inflict major damage. If you’re attacking a robot made of titanium it may be a different story …

My take is that for around $10 dollars this is a no-brainer purchase for anyone serious about prepping and self-defense. You can get the Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz by clicking on the link.