There are way too many cool toys out there for preppers and the Motoped Black-Ops Motorized Bike might just be at the top of my wishlist!

It’s top speed may only be 24 miles an hour … but I doubt zombies – the slow stumbling kind – can run that fast. Especially off-road.

Heck, it can outrun just about any human aggressor you’ll need to outrun as well. Unless you’re unlucky enough to be running away from Usain Bolt (record holder for fastest human in the world).

This motorized bike can supposedly get up to 500 miles of travel on the fuel carried in the tank, and the two auxiliary tanks onboard. And if you run out of fuel, you can always pedal it.
Motoped Black-Ops Motorized Bike
Their fully decked out Black-Ops edition comes outfitted with a crossbow, shovel, knives, rope, hatchet, and dual auxiliary fuel tanks. And the modular rack can be fitted with a variety of other accessories. If you’d rather fit it out yourself you can get the survival edition which is essentially the same minus the knives, crossbow, hatchet, and rope.

With a 49cc 2.4 hp engine it’s definitely not a motocross bike. It’s definitely a bike meant to take you a great distance at a reasonable pace. 8 inches of travel front and rear should ensure a smooth ride that soaks up just about any bumps you’ll find on the trail.

Another advantage of a cool motorized bike like this would be for short distance commuters. The small engine qualifies this as a non – registered assisted motor bike that just about anyone could poke around town without a motorcycle license.

The Black-Ops bike is a special edition with pricing unavailable. You have to contact them to get that.

But the survival edition – ready to ride – is $3,199. And if the 49cc motor isn’t enough for you there’s an upgrade option to a 125cc motor for an extra $150.

Overall this is a cool – albeit – niche toy for the serious toy collector. I’d like to have one. But for the same or less you could suck it up, get your motorcycle license and a 200cc Yamaha TW200 with the wide tires that is fully street legal. The true advantage I see with the Motoped bike is that you have a great range on a small amount of fuel, and if the engine fails, or you run out of fuel it can be pedalled.

What do you think of the Motoped Black-Ops Bike? A silly toy or a serious survival too?

You can check out their site here: Motoped Black-Ops Bike

Disclosure: I get nothing for promoting this product, and this post should not be viewed as a personal endorsement. I just think it’s cool and it is worth sharing.