America’s peaceful protests aren’t staying so peaceful …

With emotionally charged issues at hand – we’re not getting into the political and societal side today – the pot of public outrage is boiling over.

Today’s focus will be responsibly avoiding riots and so called peaceful-protests and how to survive them if you can’t avoid them. It almost seems like rioters are just looking for an opportunity to plunder and destroy.

A big conversation I’ve seen occurring on social media is whether it’s best to bug-out or bug-in during a riot.

If you can remain reasonably safe in your home then hunker, batten down the hatches and wait it out. When you’re attempting to bug out you’re adding extra risk and peril. Stay incognito in your home and don’t do anything to attract attention if you’re bugging in. But at the same time be prepared to defend yourselves and bug-out in the chance your home is compromised.

If you live right in the middle of the action, buildings are being burnt all around you and people mercilessly attacked … bugging out early on may be a better option for you and your family.

Bugging out or in isn’t a question with a black or white answer.

Are You At Risk?

It’s pretty easy to tell if you’re at risk of danger due to riots and there is typically some advance warning. When an event occurs that triggers mob mentality you’ll likely know.

Are you in an urban environment? Urban low-income communities are most at risk for large protests that turn into violent riots. This is just where they typically take place. Dense populations of unhappy people easily morph into violent mobs.

Surviving a Riot

As a prepper you should be well aware of the dangers of riots and how they come about. This means that you’ll be smart enough to avoid them … When an event occurs that triggers a group of people to go ape-sh*t crazy that’s when they start.

Riots often stem from perceived injustices in a community. Sometimes it’s a clash with police – often caused by police brutality and even winning or losing a major sports championship.

But sometimes things happen outside of our control and you could wind up in the midst of a protest gone south.

If this happens there are some simple ways to help you get out of there. Never stick around in the midst of a riot.

Here are some tips for getting out safe and hopefully un-injured:

1. Keep your head down and don’t attract attention. Rioters and people in mobs often cover their faces. Take a clue from their playbook and cover yourself as much as possible without attracting attention. The name of the game is to stay incognito and blend in.

2. Identify an escape route and take it. After you’ve blended into the crowd work your way to the back swiftly but not franticly. Don’t go towards the police! They are there to protect and serve but how are they do differentiate you from a hostile in that kind of mass pandemonium?

If you wound up in the middle of a riot in your vehicle and it’s safe enough to retrieve then go for it. But if it’s safer to bail on foot just hoof it. You can make an insurance claim later if your car gets destroyed.

3. If you can’t immediately get clear of the conflict zone or identify a way out then you can make your exit in stages … finding places to lie low while awaiting opportunities to move without attracting attention.

4. Once clear of the conflict zone you may want to continue evacuating farther away in case the conflict zone shifts your direction.

Here is some more detailed information on surviving a riot from friends at Survival Skills |10 Tips To Help You Escape A Riot

With Riots Come Looters

Riots naturally bring out unsavory characters looking for an excuse to cause damage and to steal. No matter how you justify it … looting is stealing. Now if it’s a SHTF situation or the end times and it’s the only way to survive … then I wouldn’t be too picky about morals.

But your concern is the danger of an angry mob of looters and vandals. Looting usually happens after dark – when it’s harder to stop the looting.

The best way to avoid looters is to avoid areas of unrest and definately make sure you avoid them after dark.

Here is another set of tips to survive looters: 7 Tips For Surviving a Mob of Looters

My best tip is to stay the hell away! But if you can’t always avoid areas where mass protests, riots, and looting are taking place here is some gear recommended to keep on hand for these situations.

Right now riots have been rocking Baltimore, Maryland after the death of a young African-American male in police custody. This last year it was Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of an unarmed black male by a police officer.

What are your recommendations for surviving and staying safe in the event of a riot? Have you ever been caught in the middle of a riot and have a story to share?