I’ve been ignoring all the doomsdayers this August and September.

People keep talking about how this September will be the beginning of the end. And as usual I’ve been listening to the prophecies of doom with a grain of salt.

But now that September is here I’m feeling slightly nervous … Is this Doomsday September 2015?

So what are these doomsday events expected any day now?

1. Asteroid Collision With Earth

There’s rumor abound that a gigantic asteroid is on a collision course for earth. According to NASA there’s no such thing going on.

In fact, NASA keeps a list and table of any NEOs (Near Earth Objects) and their possible risk to impacting earth. As far as NASA is aware there are no major possible collisions in our immediate future. Automated systems continuously scan our celestial skies for any NEOs headed towards earth.

But there are still plenty of doomsayers out there yelling conspiracy …

Some claim NASA would cover up a major asteroid collision. While this is believable … there are plenty of other space monitoring organizations that would never cover this up and it would have been major headlines by now.

Here’s an article on the potential asteroid collision:No Asteroid Impact Likely in September

To check out NASA’s impact risk go here:NASA Impact Risk Chart

2. Stock Market and Global Economic Collapse

With the recent devaluation of China’s currency, China announcing a new gold standard and world currency there has been plenty of speculation that China – along with cohorts like russia – is planning to crash the US dollar.

China’s rapid economic development in the past few decades has spurred major debt. Their economy has been propped up by their communist government in some pretty sketchy ways.

But why would China’s potential economic demise effect us here at home?

First, China has bought buckets of US debt. They’re the largest holder us US debt in the world. And recently they’ve been selling off US debt in order to raise cash to prop up their own markets. This means that China will likely not be willing to buy more US debt. Making the US deficit an even larger hurdle to overcome.

Some speculate that multiple factors involving China and our debt could snowball us into the devaluation of our own currency, major increases in interest rates, and ultimately a global market crash.

CNN Money (however untrustowrthy CNN can be) doesn’t think that China dumping US debt will lead to a meltdown: China Dumps US Debt

Here is an article outlining how China’s currency issues can affect us here in the US: China’s Currency Crisis

3. Revelation (Biblical End Times)

Oh how the end is nigh! The Blood Moon (total lunar eclipse) arriving September 27th/28th has many religious leaders warning of the biblical end-times.

Why is this blood moon so symbolic?

This is the fourth blood moon of this year and they’ve all arrived during Jewish holidays. That combined with the world’s apathy and disdain towards Jerusalem and the aligning of world powers with the enemies of Israel give a lot of strength to these prophecies.

And it’s not just the Jewish community. The Christian community is preparing for the end days and the Mormons are stocking up on supplies.

The Mormons are getting ready:Mormons Preparing for Doomsday

4. The UN, Pope, and Obama are going for a takeover of the US to form a New World Order

This section also co-incides with the end-times and the Christian belief in Revelation. The rise of a singular world power is included in revelations however is a large singular threat to freedom on it’s own even if the end-times don’t ‘come’.

“And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.” Revelation 13:1

Some believe the end-game of Barack Obama and Pope Francis is to oversee the takeover of the free world by the UN. The biggest pest in the way of course is the United States and that darned Constitution – including the Bill of Rights – that keeps getting in his way.

“The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,” 2 Thessalonians 2:9

It hasn’t really been a secret that Pope Francis and Barack Obama have been the most progressive leaders to head up the largest political organizations on the planet. Both Obama and Francis have mentioned their desires for a strong world power that will force people to live the way that the political elite see fit. Their actions are evident that they don’t care for the laws of man that should restrict their power. They’ve proven they don’t respect the laws of our nation or any other.

All of this coupled with Jade Helm 15 has many Americans worried about a federal takeover of the United States.

These are all damning prophecies and dire warnings. Do I see the end of the world coming this September/October? Probably not … but there is definately some seriously bad shit going down. What do you think?