Easy spring fishing – for most of us – has past, and the fish have gone from crazed spawn to the lazy days of summer. It’s easy to sit on the couch in the AC reminiscing about the few magic weeks in the spring when fish attacked every bare hook dropped into water.

But you don’t have to settle for only being a ‘spring-time’ fisherman. The good news is that fish still have to eat every day. We just have to change up our methods to catch plenty of fish all summer long.

In the southern US, the summer days can get unbearably hot fast. Sometimes it’s a good idea to try and beat the heat and catch the fish in the morning when there are cooler surface temps They are more actively looking for a meal at this time.  Loud, splashing topwater baits work well early morning and first light in the shallows and close to structure just under the surface. Topwater baits will also help draw fish from cover where they may be hiding during the heat of the day.

Another way to beat the heat this summer is to try your hand at nighttime fishing. Fishing in the dark helps you beat the heat but be ready with a can of industrial strength bug repellant. Night time is a little more difficult because there is no light to see by and you have to deal with flashlights and navigating in the dark. But it’s a great way to fish without being out in the middle of the summer heat.

If you’re sticking with daytime fishing it also helps to hunt for your quarry in shaded areas.

Just like us, when the sun is beaming down super hot the fish are looking for some relief and shade. Fishing under docks and other shaded areas can often produce good numbers of fish. Fishing under docks where the big fish are can be a challenge. To get your baits under the back of the dock where the fish are, try a skip cast. This takes a little skill, but is easily mastered with a little practice.

Here is a nice video to explain skit casting: https://youtu.be/_3lftF03_Zw

After you watch that video you can continue your summer fishing education with these articles below. But you can’t catch fish by reading. You gotta get out there and wet a line.