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Barn covered with Kudzu vine.

Eating Kudzu – Getting Back at The Vine That Ate the South

Kudzu A.K.A. “the vine that ate the south” is a very hardy ornamental vine brought to the US in the late 1800s to help control soil erosion and to hopefully provide a food source for cattle and other livestock. But the kudzu vine found a perfect home in the southeastern US. The rainfall and mild […]

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My Spring Chickens: Why I’m Raising Backyard Chickens

As a young boy we had chickens for many years. They even came encased in little plastic Easter eggs! The chicks were actually hatched at my Grandparent’s farm from his ample stock of chickens – then stuffed inside plastic novelty eggs. Not only did my grandparents have dozens of chickens, but for a long time […]

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