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Barn covered with Kudzu vine.

Eating Kudzu – Getting Back at The Vine That Ate the South

Kudzu A.K.A. “the vine that ate the south” is a very hardy ornamental vine brought to the US in the late 1800s to help control soil erosion and to hopefully provide a food source for cattle and other livestock. But the kudzu vine found a perfect home in the southeastern US. The rainfall and mild […]

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Honey For Wound Healing – Nature’s Miracle Drug

Honey is truly an amazing resource and humans from the beginning of civilization utilized the sweet substance for a multitude of uses … not just a sweet treat. And it’s great for preppers to stock up on because it doesn’t go bad. It may crystallize but pure honey has no expiration date. This past summer […]

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Where to Buy and Why to Stock Paracord For Survival

Paracord is one of those multi-purpose items – like duct tape – that all preppers and survivalists should keep on hand. Bet MacGyver would have loved him some paracord … So we’re going to talk about why you should buy paracord and where to buy it. It’s light-weight, high-strength, compact size, and low cost make […]

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Surviving Riots … To Bug-out or Bug-in?

America’s peaceful protests aren’t staying so peaceful … With emotionally charged issues at hand – we’re not getting into the political and societal side today – the pot of public outrage is boiling over. Today’s focus will be responsibly avoiding riots and so called peaceful-protests and how to survive them if you can’t avoid them. […]

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Add This Ranch Tool to Your Bug-Out Bag!

A couple of nights ago I went hunting (hog and coyote) with a buddy that lives down the dirt road from me – turns out he’s an avid prepper. We had a great time and got to talking about our gear … and specifically some of our favorite items for our bug out – and […]

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How To Refill Your Small Propane Cylinders (Camping Styles)

I like to buy my camp propane cylinders when they’re on sale. But when they’ve been used up in the past they’ve gone to the recycle pile or they’ve been repurposed into other items. It always seemed like a waste … until recently coming across this cheap, small, and effective item which will help keep […]

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Easy DIY Junk Mail Fire Logs …

My wife is great at forwarding me useful tips and information related to prepping, survivalism, and homesteading. This morning she sent me this video of an extremely easy way to make DIY paper logs out of your junk mail. These can be used for heating your home in a fireplace or wood stove. Broken or […]

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