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Surviving Riots … To Bug-out or Bug-in?

America’s peaceful protests aren’t staying so peaceful … With emotionally charged issues at hand – we’re not getting into the political and societal side today – the pot of public outrage is boiling over. Today’s focus will be responsibly avoiding riots and so called peaceful-protests and how to survive them if you can’t avoid them. […]

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Add This Ranch Tool to Your Bug-Out Bag!

A couple of nights ago I went hunting (hog and coyote) with a buddy that lives down the dirt road from me – turns out he’s an avid prepper. We had a great time and got to talking about our gear … and specifically some of our favorite items for our bug out – and […]

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Riots and Race Wars Likely Imminent Across America – Missouri National Guard Activated

The Governor of Missouri has just declared a racially charged state of emergency because of the pending results of the grand jury investigation into the shooting of a Ferguson, Missouri man Michael Brown. A ‘social’ uprising and movement has followed this highly publicized police shooting. Unfortunately this situation has been out of control since the […]

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What is The Best Survival Gun?

Everywhere on the net, on forums and blogs, people are arguing about what the best survival gun is. Evidence points to the conclusion that there is no one gun that is the best survival gun. But people still hunt for it like it’s the holy grail. The concept of the survival gun is in fact […]

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When and How to use a Tourniquet

Injury is not something anyone likes to deal with. However, they happen and you need to know how to save the life of a loved one. Extremity bleeding can quickly cause shock and death. When pressure bandages and pressure points fail to control bleeding, another option is available. The Tourniquet In last year’s article by […]

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Your Physical Condition Could Determine Your Survivability

In the wild there is one thing that helps an animal survive more than any other factor. That one thing is its health. An unhealthy animal will often be left behind by its group, sometimes killed and eaten by it’s own kind, or be easy prey for predators. It’s “survival of the fittest”. The term […]

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