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Trump Wins The Presidential Election in Major Upset of the Establishment

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 will be a date of historical significance regardless of which candidate you supported in the US Presidential election. Many people shirked the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, saying “it will never happen”. Even supporters of Donald Trump are surprised at his victory. Given American’s dissatisfaction with their current government, and […]

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Barn covered with Kudzu vine.

Eating Kudzu – Getting Back at The Vine That Ate the South

Kudzu A.K.A. “the vine that ate the south” is a very hardy ornamental vine brought to the US in the late 1800s to help control soil erosion and to hopefully provide a food source for cattle and other livestock. But the kudzu vine found a perfect home in the southeastern US. The rainfall and mild […]

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Honey For Wound Healing – Nature’s Miracle Drug

Honey is truly an amazing resource and humans from the beginning of civilization utilized the sweet substance for a multitude of uses … not just a sweet treat. And it’s great for preppers to stock up on because it doesn’t go bad. It may crystallize but pure honey has no expiration date. This past summer […]

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How to Survive a Flood

This spring / beginning of summer has brought torrential rainfalls in the plains states down to the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana. Along with such serious rainfall comes flooding. And there is a lot of flooding – and flash flooding – happening in this region. Millions of dollars of property damage is occurring due […]

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Where to Buy and Why to Stock Paracord For Survival

Paracord is one of those multi-purpose items – like duct tape – that all preppers and survivalists should keep on hand. Bet MacGyver would have loved him some paracord … So we’re going to talk about why you should buy paracord and where to buy it. It’s light-weight, high-strength, compact size, and low cost make […]

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Surviving Riots … To Bug-out or Bug-in?

America’s peaceful protests aren’t staying so peaceful … With emotionally charged issues at hand – we’re not getting into the political and societal side today – the pot of public outrage is boiling over. Today’s focus will be responsibly avoiding riots and so called peaceful-protests and how to survive them if you can’t avoid them. […]

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